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Modernise your coop with high technology at maximum security.
Run-Chicken coop doors are manufactured in such a way that brings customers the ultimate satisfaction when raising their chickens.
Thank you so much!

Laurie B. on January 22, 2021

“The door is literally a life saver for our feathered family, and a time saver for me and my volunteers.”

Good sturdy chicken door. Customer support for product is outstanding.

Julie on September 25, 2020

“The customer support is very good. Markic stayed in contact with me the entire time. I truly appreciated it and recommend the company and products. I wish every business had this type of support.”


Amazon customer bwan15 on December 19, 2020

" I love everything about this product, from the price point to the design to the function. It is so simple to install it's ridiculous… Bravo, Run-Chicken!"

Frequently asked questions


What is an automatic Run - Chicken Coop Door?

Run-Chicken automatic coop door is a smart device for your chicken coop, meaning that it has a light sensor that opens the door on sunrise and closes the door at sunset. The motor automatically stops the door if the motor senses resistance (for example, a trapped chicken). The door stays in the position until you open the door manually with the test button and release the trapped chicken.

Do I need an automatic coop door?

Generally, people who like getting up early in the morning to let out their chickens from their chicken coop at dusk like to close their chickens in, do not need an automatic chicken coop door, they only need doors that protect their chickens from predators and harsh weather conditions. For people like us and maybe you the automatic chicken coop door is an essential part of protection and wellbeing for our beloved chickens, if you are like us and do not like to get up early or you simply have a lot more to do then too close the chicken coop door by yourself at evening time. And as always why do it yourself if our chicken coop door is smart enough to do a simple task all by itself. The decision lies in the ease and safety of your little chicken paradise.

Where to buy Run-Chicken Automatic coop door?

The product is sold on our website and in our Amazon shop. By clicking on the Buy now button on our Homepage you will be redirected to our online shop. By clicking on the Amazon icon at the bottom of our webpage you will get redirected to the shop on Amazon.

How much do Run-Chicken Automatic coop door cost?

They cost 180.00$ dollars or 150.00€ (note that this subject is due to change at any given moment).

What about predators, can they open my automated chicken coop door and hurt my chickens?

No. Most common predators of chickens are very clever. But so are our Run-Chicken coop door. Predators can attack mainly at night and can potentially figure out how to open coop doors to gain access, if your door are not tightly sealed. But do not worry our Run-Chicken coop door are designed to be very tightly fitted and if you install them right, when they are closed, no claw can open them up.

Will the coop door crush my chickens?

There is a safety stop built-in, so the door will automatically stop if something is in the way. The door stays in the position until you open the door manually with the test button and release the trapped chicken.

Is there anything else I needed to buy alongside my automated Run-Chicken coop door?

No, we keep it simple. We offer everything in one product even the power supply. Our motto is one and done.

Is it possible to place the automated Run-Chicken coop door inside my chicken coop?

Yes, the T50 model has that option. You can set the time of opening with the test buttons green light. You can find the instructions for that in the instruction manual.


What size and weight package can I expect when buying automatic Run - Chicken Coop Door?

You can expect a cardboard box with following dimensions L x W x H: 16” x 12” x 1.6” (400 mm x 290 mm x 40 mm) and a weight of 2.2 LB (0,997 kg).

What will my package include?

Your package (if you buy one quantity) will include 1pc Automatic Chicken Coop Door, 2pc x AA alkaline batteries, 6pc wood screws and an Installation manual and an on-line Warranty code.

Where can I gain my warranty?

Warranty is gained online by registering at We have a one-year limited warranty.

How big are the automatic Run - Chicken Coop Door?

Door W. and H. is 9.4” x 13.8” (238 mm x 350 mm).

What is the walk-through dimension of the automatic Run - Chicken Coop Door?

Inside door walk-through dimensions are 8” x 10” (203 mm x 254 mm). Because of safety, they measure a standard size of a chicken.

Is there more than one size of Run - Chicken Coop Door?

No, only one size exist reason being that bigger doors caused problems to our chicken raisers. If the market and chickens show an initiative for different sizes in the future, we will focus on producing those as well. If you are keen on getting a custom size our boss Jure Markic can advise you if you send him a request letter at He is happy to help anybody in need of a custom door.

Where can I get my customer support and questions answered?

Customer support is given 24/7 by our team at and on all of our social media channels.

How do I know if my automatic Run - Chicken Coop Door are authentic and high quality?

All our products go through multiple Quality Checkpoints inside the factory. The item received trough RUN-CHICKEN online store or Amazon official RUN-CHICKEN store is 100% brand new and unused.

How does the light sensor work on my Run-chicken door?

The light sensor is designed to be sensitive to natural light but not overly sensitive to artificial light sources. It optimally detects the sun and the lack there of, and accordingly opens and closes your automatic chicken door, so you do not have to set a timer to open and close the door. The door is smart enough to detect if it is a rainy, murky or very cloudy day. On those days the door won't close and leave your chickens outside. There is a programming option through the button on the door itself for those who like their specific timing of opening and closing the door. For more info, look at your instruction manual.

Will the door open or shut if there is lighting, full moon, passing lights, cloudy days etc.?

No, none of those situations would enable the door to open or close. The amount of light during a full moon is vastly less than daytime, likewise the opposite is true for cloudy days and night time.


What kind of material are the automatic Run - Chicken Coop Door made of and how thick they are?

They are made out of aluminum. The sliding chicken coop doors are 0.039” (1,5 mm) thick, aluminum frame is 0.079” (2 mm) and aluminum drive unit box is 0.039” (1 mm) thick. Everything is painted with HQ Fine Structural nontoxic powder paint. A power unit is 0.157'' thick cast plastic and is coated in black color.

What array of colors automatic Run - Chicken Coop Door come in?

They come in 3 colors: Red, Brown and Gray. We are hoping that you will leave us positive feedback and also recommend what colors to include in our range.

Is there more than one model of doors?

At the moment you can buy only the model T50 of Run-Chicken automatic coop door.


What kind of power source is needed for the automatic Run - Chicken Coop Door to operate?

The automatic chicken coop door is powered by batteries. They run on 2 x AA alkaline batteries that are included in every door that you purchase from us.

Can I power my Run - Chicken Coop Door opener with electric power rather than batteries?

Yes, in the past we sold only electrical doors, but due to popular demand and optimization of the door itself we have switched to batteries only and we found out that it is for the best for our chickens and customers.

What are the best batteries to use for the automatic Run - Chicken Coop Door?

We recommend our customers to use AA / LR6 standard size high quality batteries. We recommend the brands Duracell or Sony. If you use high quality batteries it will be for the best, because the door will function a whole year even in very cold climates.

What is the expected life of the AA / LR6 standard size high quality battery?

At minimum the battery will last 1 year.

How do I know that my battery in the automatic Run - Chicken Coop Door is new and charged?

You will know that your battery is new and charged when you will see a GREEN light blinking on the upper right front of your doors that is called a battery indicator.

How do I know that my battery in the automatic Run - Chicken Coop Door is old and “empty”, low charged?

You will know that your battery is “empty”, and low on energy when you will see a RED light blinking on the upper right front of your doors.

What happens to the automatic Run - Chicken Coop Door, if the RED light is blinking and I do not change my battery right away?

The automatic chicken coop door will not open on sunrise and will stay closed so to secure your chicken coop from predators, when that happens you will have to change your battery right away so that your door will start working again. You could manually open the door but that is not recommended.

When the power is disconnected will I lose my configurator settings?

Yes, please reconfigure them by using the button.

What happens to the automatic Run - Chicken Coop Door, if the BLUE light is blinking?

The BLUE light starts to blink when the unit's sensor recognizes the change of day to night and vice versa, which means that the door will soon open or close. BLINKING means that the door is in the "soon up or down mode" and does not use a lot of battery life.


What are the most optimal environmental conditions for automatic Run - Chicken Coop Door to be in?

Usable environmental conditions are between -15°F to 140°F (-26 °C to 60 °C).

What do I do if I live in a very cold climate?

Automatic Run - Chicken Coop Door can withstand the above-mentioned temperatures but for the sake of your chickens you should insulate your coop, use heat lamps if needed and heat the waterer to keep it from freezing. And if you do all that your chickens and the door will be very happy.

Does bad weather affect the automatic Run - Chicken Coop Door?

No, as far as rain, snow, ice, and cold, are concerned, our automatic chicken door is designed to be mounted on the outside of your coop. There is a setting imbedded in the door that will give more power to the motor to open the door when the temperature is causing the door to be stuck.

Will the wind disturb the Run - Chicken Coop Door and cause it to open or close at force?

No, the wind does not affect the door whatsoever, because of the strong and sturdy material that the doors are made of.

Are your automatic Run - Chicken Coop Door waterproof?

They are and they have an IP (Ingress Protection Grade) of 67, that means that water will not damage the electronic so you can clean your door with a high-pressure cleaner.

How long does it take for the automatic Run - Chicken Coop Door to go up and down?

The motor in the door needs 10 sec to open the door and 10 sec to close it. In-between there is a window of daylight/ day that your chickens go in or out of your coop as much as they feel like it.

Is it easy to install and maintain automatic Run - Chicken Coop Door?

Installation shouldn’t be a problem for an optimally fit and skilled person. You can view our installation video under the “Instruction manual” tab in the menu on the left side of the screen. All our products come ready to install. If you are not used to a screw driver than we recommend you to find somebody to help you, so that your door is properly fitted. When the automatic chicken coop door is properly fitted the maintenance is very easy. Adjustable Light Sensor works with natural light and is designed with Universal Plug and Play Idea and there is no need for any additional assembly or disassembly. Once a year you will probably need to change the battery according to the blinking red light on the drive’s unit box (for changing of batteries please refer to the product and installation manual, or ask us by email at or other social media channels that have links on our website As far as maintenance go do clean it with a damp cloth once in a while and sweep the debris under the door so the door can shut nice and tight.

Can I install the automatic Run - Chicken Coop Door other than right-side up?

We do not recommend to install it any other way than it is shown in the installation manual. The door will not shut and operate properly, if installed any other way than right-side up. The drive unit box must remain on top for safety reasons.

Can I install the automatic Run - Chicken Coop Door on a mobile, tractor or other kind of a coop?

Yes, automatic Run - Chicken Coop Door works well on different types of coops.

What if I do not want that my automatic Run - Chicken Coop Door works with natural light and open and closes at sunrise and sunset?

Then you have an option to easily program your chicken coop door with the button found on the door. All instructions are found on our website in the tab instruction manual at the bottom of the page.


How long have you been selling and manufacturing automatic Run - Chicken Coop Door?

We have been manufacturing and selling automatic Run - Chicken Coop Door from 2019. We are a very young company that adapts to the market very quickly because we only make as much products as we know we will sell and when we decide to renew a product, we can do that quickly and efficiently.

What about your older models will you have customer support for them too?

Yes, we still are helping our older customers so any questions you may have with the older models please write to us at

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